Caséta Wireless

Dual Boot Software designed and built this iPhone and Apple Watch application for Lutron's Caséta Wireless System. This app enables control of a home’s lights, shades, temperature and more from anywhere.


HomeControl+ is an app for Lutron’s total home control systems, HomeWorks and RadioRA 2 that allows for the control of a home’s lights, shades, temperature and more. Dual Boot Software designed and built both the iOS and Android versions of this application.

MVP List

This simple and functional punch list application was developed by Dual Boot Software for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. With straight-forward list management and sharing, it stands out from the crowd.

K&S MatrixGraph

Dual Boot Software has played an integral role in modernizing the technician-facing diagnostic and analysis tools running on K&S' state-of-the-art bonders. We've taken a Windows MFC application and turned it into a web-ready javascript application. Additionally we built the server-side component in node.js to enable data-sharing for all devices in a facility. Dual Boot Software is putting the data where K&S' customers want it

HWI to HWQS Converter

This responsive and small single-page application is a front-end for an library that converts a file from a legacy Lutron format to the latest Lutron format. Dual Boot Software converted a prototype desktop application into this web application. It adds substantial value to the Lutron ecosystem by providing a bridge for software continuity.


One of the core members of Dual Boot Software built the RadioRA 2 Windows application. It allows Lutron's authorized installers to design and program RadioRA 2 wireless whole-home light and shade control systems.

Homeworks Illumination

One of the core members of Dual Boot Software saw this Windows application through from inception to deprecation. This application was the go-to tool for configuration of Lutron Homeworks Illumination Systems.

Homeworks QS

The successor to Homeworks Illumination, one of the core members of Dual Boot Software oversaw the design and implementation of this critical configuration tool.

Puzzle Zoo

Dual Boot Software built this fun and educational puzzle game for toddlers. Three years old and it's still a hit!

Cartoon Builder

Another of Dual Boot Software's game creations, this whimsical virtual Mr. Potato Head is a hit with kids and adults.

ABC Beats

Determined to work on software with value, Dual Boot Software made this educational game for learning the alphabet. It's another prime example of Dual Boot's knowledge of the ABCs of mobile development

Space Puzzle

The second of three puzzle games built thus far by Dual Boot Software, this demonstrates the reusability of software systems created by us.

Tappy Alien

As frustrating as Flappy Bird and a tad bit cuter, Tappy Alien hits the mark of a challenging game with low learning curve.

Flash Tap

A memory builder for adults and kids alike, Flash Tap works like a virtual Simon Says. Simon Says download Flash Tap!

Who we are

Dual Boot Software is a software contractor / consultant service. Our expertise is broad and spans mobile platforms, web technologies, and operating systems. We have end-to-end experience designing, building, and delivering software projects to suit a variety of customer needs.

Where we are

We have offices in Eastern Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley - Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton) and New York City and can work with clients anywhere. We can help you with your software projects onsite anywhere in the Northeastern United States and remotely anywhere else.

Joel Hnatow, Founder and Owner
Joel Hnatow
Owner and Technical Lead
Justin Hnatow, Technical Lead
Justin Hnatow
Technical Lead

Services we provide

We’ve solved technical problems for companies of all sizes. We can help with all aspects of the software design life cycle from development to deployment to maintenance. We are just as ready to start a project from scratch as we are to refresh and update pre-existing software projects. We specialize in object-oriented programming using virtually any programming language or technology that suits the job. We can work within your project management paradigm - from Waterfall to Agile/Scrum - or recommend one based on your team's needs. A quick list of our services is below.

  • Upfront user experience development
  • Usability testing
  • User interface specification
  • Software architecture / object-oriented design
  • Database design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Ongoing maintenance

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